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Our Services

We are a land clearing company specialising in mulching services. Being environmentally sensitive, we work to remove undesirable bush, gorse and weeds, turning them into a layer of mulch that nourishes the soil and protects it from erosion.

We provide a range of mulching services, including:

M  Gorse and weeds clearing

O  Clearing Overgrowth

N  Forestry mulching

S  Right-of-Way Clearing

T  Fence Line Clearing

E  Trails and Road Clearing

R  Invasive Plant removal


Besides increasing the value of your property, the mulching land clearing service has a series of benefits and advantages, we offer a more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly service.

M   Forget the work of piling waste to burn.  You will get back your land cleared as flat and clear as you want it, and you are helping to reduce the atmospheric emissions.


U   By turning weeds into a layer of organic mulch  to improve soil fertility by providing essential nutrients that will favour future cultivation and grazing.

The blanket of mulch on the topsoil will decrease erosion and help contribute in water conservation.


C   Monster Mulching will work with rain, hail or shine with only our Takeuchi TL12R2 track loader with an FAE forestry mulcher plus 4 in 1 bucket, which will minimise soil disturbance by vehicle traffic of multiple machines.


H   Control expansion and re-growth of agricultural weeds as the best first step option of a comprehensive program and  follow-up for lasting control.




Angela and John are very polite and easy to work with, their work ethic is great, being prompt, working seven days a week unsupervised.

They worked here for over four weeks and the machine did an excellent job and some of the country was very stony. 

I have a mulcher of my own but john's did afar better job.


                      Noel C.  Bracknell


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