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We are a land clearing business working with Mulching, an alternative and environmentally friendly solution for the control of agricultural weeds in Tasmania. We operate with a Takeuchi track loader and forestry mulcher that turns weeds into a layer of fine organic material that not only protects soil from erosion but also reduces carbon footprint, curbing atmospheric emissions and the use of chemicals. 

We provide a range of mulching services statewide,


M  Weed control

O  Gorse and blackberry removal

N  Undergrowth clearing

S  Right-of-Way Clearing

T  Bush control

E  Firebreaks Clearing

R  Pasture reclamation

Our Services



Gorse removal on hilly paddock at Londford


Mulching is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of land clearing with multiple benefits.

M Becomes weed into a fine layer of mulch, that not only prevent soil erosion, but also provides essential nutrients for future cultivation and grazing.


U Removes weed at ground level, providing a flat land with no piles to burn. Reducing footprint, curbing atmospherics emissions and use of chemicals. 

L  Reduces soil disturbance, so stimulates fewer seeds into germination.


C  Returns the visible and commercial value of your property.


H  Cost-effective mechanical process, faster, easier and alleviates the environmental risks.




Angela and John are very polite and easy to work with, their work ethic is great, being prompt, working seven days a week unsupervised.

They worked here for over four weeks and the machine did an excellent job and some of the country was very stony. 

I have a mulcher of my own but john's did afar better job.


                      Noel C.  Bracknell

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Aligned to Tasmanian Biosecurity Policies for the agriculture industry and working with our clients to protect their properties from diseases, pests and weeds. Monster Mulching applies very strictly biosecurity practices to minimise the risk of seed spread.

With a mobile washdown unit, we clean up our machinery and vehicles from the top down and ensuring the removal of soil and lodged plant material in our equipment before moving between properties.

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